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dementia or selective memory

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I can't remember anything.like birthdays and ages.Working on chores I can't remember.I am 30 years old and do you think people who are 30 can get it too.Cause I think I might have selective memory lost or maybe dementia. What do you think maybe its my meory gone bad.I think I should see a doctor but the doctor might not help.So its pointless to see one


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Jan 5, 2011
I think dementia is far more than short term memory loss. I would argue that depression, anxiety and many more things can cause us to forget things. Being stressed with other things too. Trust me, dementia is far more, like having whole areas of brain function lost. I would suggest you go to a doc if its interfering with your daily life in a harmful way. But try to relax about this if you can.

Your name is partly "narcissitic" - do you mean that? If you do, then forgetting to do chores, people's birthdays etc could be that its not important to you to think of others. Not saying that is true, but I wondered why you gave yourself that name.
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