Delusional Life



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May 31, 2019
My life is a complete mess. I feel like I have been a part of a reality show for over 2 years. It is based off of the fact that I thought broadcast to the world. They follow me everywhere I go. In my bedroom, in the bathroom, in the woods, on the bus, etc. I have disturbing thoughts driven by the people that suffocate me. Offensive, racist and sexual thoughts are the norm since people can hear me. I also deal with thought insertion and then they use those thoughts to try and convict me of crimes I have never committed. I believe there is an investigation going on with people trying manipulate my sexuality. I have always been a heterosexual but they try to get me going in another direction. I believe my friends and family are in on this. They are stalking my life, harassing me. I hear voices wherever I go. A lot of them are sexually harassing me or trying to get me to admit that I'm a pervert. This is very stressful. I also deal with the TV talking to me as I try to live my daily life. It is all live. It has taken the joy out of entertainment. Sleep is hard to come by. I am lucky I'm not depressed. I know that I am an innocent man. I'm just delusional. I don't know what to do. I also struggle with an anxiety disorder. My life is a daily struggle but things should get better.


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Mar 27, 2019
Eastern Europe
Have you spoken to a psychiatrist? The sooner you get the proper help the better your chances for a faster and smooth recovery.

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