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So dejected and down just now !!
really upset about changes to my support service,
Scottish association for mental health intend to close my local office and join with an other ?
I have e-mailed the senior management and I am awaiting a response ??
I may have to get an other service, need to go through social work for that.
I am not sleeping as this is constantly on my mind !!!



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Feb 9, 2009
Yorkshire, UK
Hey, I know how scary & upsetting it is to have to change your services. When I went from child to adult services I was terrified and also a bit angry cause I thought my social worker didn't like me or want to see me anymore, which wasn't the case, I HAD to move to adults. Just try to think of it as a step forwards, your new worker might be brilliant and really help you. But you might not even need to change as if they're joining with another service you might be moving with them? I don't know whats going to happen but I know that you've got to try and stay positive, talk to your worker about it and see what they say. Good Luck