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Debt problems and banks



I recently applied for a debit card with my bank and was turned down. I've never needed one before and so after 8 years with them I was not too happy about being turned down. I knew that the problem was an outstanding debt from my former bank who, in spite of me telling them of my bipolar disorder and problems that would occur at that time due to illness, they allowed me to get into debt. They have refused to write off the debt which is quite small.

My current bank rang me today to discuss it and, even though they can't offer me a debit card, they have told me that I should qualify for legal aid and that I can take to former bank to court for refusing to write of the debt. My GP wrote to them a long time ago and they basically said it wasn't his business. So I'm going to take their advice and ring a solicitor next week.

And if you want a good bank that is trying to understand mental health issues then I heartily recommend the one that covers the nation.


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May 25, 2009
I agree with you totally on that Building society that covers the nation wide they are fab:D

I do not know enough about your situation to comment however I work in criminal law and from what you have said (and from what I remember of my uni lectures) you may well have a good case (though this is obviously a civil matter not criminal).

I think this link may help you and I wish you good luck:)

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