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Death anxiety?



New member
Jan 9, 2021
Since August 2020 I have been suffering from a new fear of dying and people I love dying and leaving me on my own. I don’t know why this has come on because I never really thought about death a lot since I got a bit older and ok with my life and then I got diagnosed with bladder retention and had to be catheterised since January and probably have to deal with this for the rest of my life. It seems to have come on as soon as my mental health got worse due to illnesses. I have real bad panic attacks because of it where I can’t breath and I’ve tried distracting myself with games, music, funny YouTube videos. I just don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried speaking to people about it and people think I’ve looked it up and just attention seeking. Any advice??


Well-known member
Jul 23, 2015
England. Derbyshire
There is nothing attention seeking about what you are going through.
People who say this have never really experienced it.

I’m not surprised you are anxious.
Your bladder problem sounds bad enough alone without anything else.

I think the pandemic has brought a lot of people to think about death,
both their own and loved ones.
I understand your feelings of being left alone.
That also worries me.

You seem to be doing many of the distraction activities which unfortunately are not
Have you tried breathing exercises, meditation etc.
Many people find these useful.

Is your doctor aware of your anxiety?
If not, I suggest you make an appointment to explain what is happening.

Take Care


Well-known member
Oct 27, 2020
Orleans vermont.
Death is a tricky beast to deal with. Its inevitable yet uncertain. For me thats what was frightening, the unknown. I was suisidal for a long time and in order to overcome my fear i studied death as much as i could. As i learned more i got more comfortable with the idea. The best way to shed fear is to know it.

Read some stories of near death experiences, accidents and even failed suicide attempts. People tend to walk away with a new appreciation for life and absolutely no fear of death.

As for being alone, you wont. Yes those you know could pass before you but people still are around. New relationships happen and with them the garentee of never being alone. Not to mention the internet!
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