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Dealing with GAD



New member
Nov 14, 2018
My son is 24 and started online CBT last year but found it difficult and is awaiting a start date to join a GAD group through NHS.
I feel like im walking on egg shells. He only communicates when he wants to. He rarely washes and gets dressed. If i ask him to do anything he puffs at me. He isnt working or claiming benefits as he cant cope with any of that stuff.

Im doing all the usual stuff a working parent does, working, cooking, keeping the house tidy etc, as well as trying to be supportive, but its taking its toll on me. I feel low most days and could cry. With him living at home its like there is no time for me to relax and chill out.

He is getting more and more frustrated with the waiting for his therapy to start. He has started hitting his furniture in frustration.

Is there anything I can do to help him. He doesnt seem to want to help himself. Some family members have the opinion that he is lazy and should attempt to do more.

He hasnt seen his GP and is adamant that he doesnt want medication.

Is there any groups or websites that he could go to.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


Well-known member
Oct 4, 2019
You can just be there. It won’t always be this way. My daughter has similar issues and it does make life hard as mothers we want to make them better. If he’s not ready to do anything yet, there’s not a lot you can do, you can’t make him join groups. Try and remain calm with him and keep an open dialogue by checking in with him often. I used to say to my daughter‘ I can’t make you well, but I’m here and will never leave you...She is better now, on medication and we talk all the time. She says she’s grateful I stuck by her. Stick with it. It does get better xx