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Dealing with a breakup alongside depression. How do I survive ?



Apr 19, 2019
Hello all. I have just separated from my boyfriend and we have been together for quite a while. He split up with me due to my insecurities. During our relationship I let my anxiety get the better of me. I was very paranoid, and I found it hard to conceal my emotions. A lot of the time I felt very low and unfortunately he couldn’t deal with me. I don’t feel like anyone can. Shit I can’t even deal with myself. I’ve been depressed since my early teens and it’s always interfering with my relationships. I just want to know how I get past this, he was the only person I would go to for advice, he would comfort me on my darkest days. I don’t have many friends so my whole weekend was him. He was my whole life and I did everything I possibly could to keep him close. Everything revolves around him. So how the fuck do I go on from here, I’m alone. I have no one. But I pushed him too far. I don’t see how anyone can love me and I don’t want to be without him. I feel so weak and so afraid of what I’m going to do with no one to love me. I don’t cope with being alone very well and I’m going to fall into a very dark place because I’ve lost my soulmate. I also recently suffered with a family bereavement so I just feel like everything is on top of me right now. Can someone please give me some advice because I feel so alone. I love him so much and my heart is breaking because I know that it’s over.


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Apr 20, 2019
Newport S.Wales
Hi 1e0g - welcome sweetie. I am in a similar situation - but mine was because I felt unhappy and fell out of love a long time ago - even from the other side it hurts like hell. For me it was baby steps, look after me - forget about the rest - grieve but don't let it consume you. Harder said than done I know - but this is going to take a lot of time, and there is no rush so don't be so hard on yourself.