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New member
Feb 5, 2015
Hi I'm new hear my story is I had pnd a few years back which resulted in section, ect n meds n giving up my daughter, since then well for 11 years things were fine then 16 months ago boom. I'm under again gave up work got a baby n alls fallen apart hate that after working so hard to regain my life I've now got bipolar how is it that this ugly thing has taken over my life AGAIN?? How has it managed to creep back unawares?? It's so unfair


Active member
Jan 29, 2015
Hi dawny, welcome to the forum. I really feel for you having had to give up your daughter with the first episode. My son went to foster care when he was 8. So you have a baby again now? Is it the same issue, pnd? Gosh coping with a young baby through that must be awful, I hope you have help/support? It is very hopeful that you were fine for 11 years though. That means you could be fine again for a long time after this episode. Please keep in mind that what you're going through now is temporary. Bipolar does tend to come back but there can be long periods of stability in between for some people, as you have experienced.