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Dating help



New member
Dec 11, 2008
I've met a girl who I think is interested in me and would like to meet again. I'm totally self consumed with thoughts...negative and positive (mostly negative). Ofcourse that is not rational but I do not have the cognitive theraphy yet to realize that. I'm over analyzing the situation to the point where I don't know what will happen. I have set up an appt. with a psychiatrist/therapist (he is a MD and therapist which is cool) but he cannot see me for a month and a half. My date is scheduled in two days. Does anyone have any experience or ideas that may help. I've bought a few books online because I can't find them in the bookstore and I want them to arrive before I go on another date so I can scan for a few tips...


the fact that you have a date is enough to tell you that she is interested in the first place isnt it, she agreed to go out with you. speaking from a female perspective, just ask her about things she likes and take interest in what she says, be polite and respectful and choose somewhere that helps set the mood, like the theatre or comedy night, that way you do not have to worry about entertaining her as such but can just have fun with her as if she was your friend. treat her like you would like to be treated. If it does not work out then it is not your fault just the chemistry is not right after all and its neither of your fault for doing something wrong its just admitting a difference in opinion.
just have fun and remember respect and politeness do not cost you anything but is priceless and apreciated.
sorry to waffle on, guess, as a girl thats how I would want to be treated.
hope it all goes well

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