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Damage done



Hi all ! I have have had bouts of depression since my teens and I have been suicidal more times than I care to remember . I have done various things to myself over the years to escape the pain I felt and years back put myself in hospital . The net result of years of damage to myself has led to me now having memory problems and put alot of strain on my body . I guess what I am trying to say is as bleak as you may feel at times learn to love yourself . I know this is easier said than done depression and anxiety can turn your world upside down and leave you with the feeling of utter apathy and feeling you are alone . If you are feeling low please talk , get help , talk to your GP and please be safe . Love and hugs to all .:hug:


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Dec 4, 2013
This is a lovely post - thank you. I hope you are learning to love yourself too.


Thanks Jruth ! That's a wonderful thing for you to say ! Hope you are ok ? I would be so sad to see anyone else end up wih health problems like me . So I would rather speak out and share my experience . Love and hugs to you xxxx


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Oct 12, 2013
What a nice selfless post...... You should be proud of what a nice person you are x


Thank you sparklypurplepaws that was a kind hearted thing to say x Awesome user name by the way . Hope you are ok ? Love and hugs xxxx


Even if this post makes only one person think twice about harming thereself it will have been worthwile putting this thread up . Thank you for the replies they were lovely !
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