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Cyclothymia Question



New member
Jun 5, 2018

New to this group - looking for some advice. Very basically I have felt for a number of years that my moods are not right and it's affecting my work and relationships. I have very high periods where I'm on full throttle - out all the time, dis-regarding others feelings - just want to have fun at whatever cost. My work suffers but in my mind I'm having the best time - these periods usually last for about 2 weeks. Then I suddenly wake up, like I've been in a dream and start to feel shame, guilt and embarrassment for my behaviour. I do remember what I've done but the details feel vague. This is happening I would say at least every 6 weeks and I can almost feel it coming on. I always start speaking faster and faster at the beginning. My husband made me call the Dr and had a phone appointment and he said it sounds like Cyclothymia and I need to go and see him (this was about 8months ago but I'm too embarrassed to go to see the Dr). Does this sound like Cyclothymia? I look at other ppl and just with I could feel 'normal'


Well-known member
May 30, 2013
Sounds like it could be allot of things... You really need to see a doctor.. And then maybe a shrink... Theres all manner of stuff they can give ya to trim you out... Maybe its not that bad and you just need some therapy ? Maybe you're just a creative eccentric ? Only a doctor can tell you... You need to go and bare your soul.... Roll the dice.

Good luck :)
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