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Cycles in life; mentally.



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
You all know that I am a time traveler.

Every once in a while, you see similar patterns of life; but as time progresses.

I travel a lot. I work every day honestly. And every once in a while... Triggers, trigger memories.

This is a wildcard example. But all I have.

Traveling for business. I have to keep my focus on the task at hand. I negotiate deals virtually at first. Then in person.

I can fly to one part of the world and explore one business opportunity. While testing the market and exploring others.

My belief is this.

Unless we have a signed contract. And a full deposit. We are not in business.

I negotiate until the last second.

Like marriage.

Only then can I commit.

If it is not in writing. We do not have a deal.

If there is no money in the corporate accounts. We are not business partners.

And I am allowed to shop my deal around. Providing all other companies. The exact same opportunities.

I have learned this the hard way.

Unless it is in writing. People will pull out of a deal. All the way up to the day of. If not in the lawyers office. ....

Right.. In.. Front... Of... The.. Bank!

At the same time. As I get through the day. I have to administrate all of my other business ventures.

Time management is everything.

I can work six months non stop. Then take 3 weeks off for vacation.

You only live once. God and family is important. Especially my parents and my children.... And.

I am not a machine.

At a hotel stay. I get my coffee. Get wifi. Sit at the lounge and work, work work.

Suddenly you look back... And it is like.. I have been doing this for years. ...

Just to sustain my family...

I often ask myself? Who do I work for?

Yes. I can make good money. But I work harder than all my business partners.


My toughest challenge is to keep everyone happy...

I really care about my business partners. Flowers. Chocolates. Gift cards. Golf. Dinners. ... Even spas and counceling!

I am on call 24/7.

I am a mentor. Personal advisor. Motivational speaker..... Whatever it takes. ...

I have so many years doing business this way... I have slowed down quite a bit. ..

But I just do not want people to suffer around me.

I ask myself? Am I wrong for that? Am I overstepping my boundaries?

I am doing God's work... But. Why am I so compelled to find myself in all of these situations?

I can go with a business partner to buy a ferrari. And tell them all about it. But take a cab home...

That is how I am.

It surprises them when we talk about it. But once they see these moments.. They struggle to understand. ...

My definition of happiness is completely different.

This is not about the money. Or the status of some materialistic monkey @$!#. It is just about me showing them by example to start learning young and fast; very quickly... That none of those things bring lasting happiness.

The success starts at the core.

Once success is obtained... You have to rebuild within. Or find yourself in the rubble, of the destruction, of all you self sabotage.

It happens in cycles. Nobody talks about that in business? So guess what? I am writing a book on it!

But I find myself writing you in this lounge. Thinking about business. Finances. Life... And everyone in my business life... Except myself?


Am I healing my pain by healing their pains?

Very good self observation...

Then. I also noticed that I have brought you all with me. Because at times. I do feel a bit alone.

I am trying to make sense of everything at once...

Is it this coffee? Is it my worries? Is it my own mental state?

The answer is.. I don't know?

But I observed that about myself today.

In business. I do not make financial decisions in less than 72 hours...

I give myself three days to see how I feel about this...

Also. Should I disconnect for those three days? Or voice my thoughts to my loved ones?

I have to pray for wisdom and clarity...

I pray this helps you some how...

God Bless. 🙏



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Nov 10, 2019
You work too much
more to life than money
People need people not money
please slow down