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CTO means i am forced to take Paiperidone



New member
Jun 1, 2018
Got sectioned on 19th April 2018. Was allowed home only with a Community Treatment Order on 25th May 2018. RC put me on Paliperidone Palmitate 100mg. Went back to work on 28th May 2018. I have started to get terrible side effects. My prolactin levels have obviously risen. I spoke to my care coordinator today and spoke to a doctor in the CMH offices. I was told because I am on CTO I was legally required to have depot injections. I have complained about the depot medication and realise the only way to challenge the doctors choice of meds is to challenge the CTO and try to get discharged from it via a tribunal. If I fail to win the tribunal I have six months plus of severe breast pain, lack of periods, weight gain and general feeling awful. It is just awful but I am simply reminded I am not discharged from section 3 of the MHA and can be put back into the mental health hospital. I am waiting for blood test results and being contacted by Powher advocate and solicitor. I feel physically sick much worse than when I was hearing voices. Help!


Well-known member
Mar 12, 2016
I’ve been on one endless CTO since 2013 and am too forced to have a depot, paliperidone 75mg monthly! When I managed not to get sectioned every few months and improved mentally they just put me on year long CTOs. I’m hoping I will be off it in September but as they know I’m noncompliant with meds and seriously harmed myself in 2016 from delusions resulting in air ambulance I don’t think they will which I’m iced about because I know meds help but I hate being injected.


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2013
Sorry this is happening to you, your best option is to persuade the Drs/team to put you on a different antipsychotic.
I am having forced depot injections, my arm hurts for weeks afterwards.
I am diabetic because of it.
However my mental health has improved.
Hope you will win your tribunal.
Keep a pain diary to use as evidence.
Take care
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