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crisis team



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Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
I have mentioned that I have been really high. I also mentioned that I have been hallucinating and felt dissociated. I don't feel real a lot of the time. I am not sure why this is happening as I only get dissociation usually when I am stressed. My nurse rang me yesterday and she told me she was worried about me. She rang today again and said she was going to ring my Pdoc, Dr B. When she rang me back, she said that Dr B wanted me to go back to the crisis team/ home treatment team. (I was discharged about a month ago after with them for 2 months). However, because he did not interview me - the crisis team wouldn't take me on. ??? crazy!!!! My nurse asked me to go and see my GP.

By luck - I got to see a Gp after waiting only 15 minutes. I tend to avoid this GP - but he was very good today. He tried to speak with my nurse or Dr B. He got neither. He said that GP's have trouble now getting the crisis team to take on clients. He asked me to come back and see him tomorrow at 8.30 am. He has given me 5mg Haloperidol 4 x day and - Nitrazepam. I've to take 2 5mg pills. Sooo hopefully, tonight I will get some much needed sleep :clap: . It's my thoughts that stop me from sleeping. They just won't stop running through my head. It's not something I have to contend with often. Even though health professionals always say my thoughts are racing and I often feel they aren't.

The GP is going to ring Dr B and my nurse in the morning after he sees me and try and get the crisis team sorted out. I doubt it will happen since they said I had to be seen by Dr B. I don't care about the crisis team - as long as I get some sleep.


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Jun 20, 2009
I hope you are feeling a little better. It must have been really horrible for you, I think Im having a high I don't really know. My mind won't stop racing I can hardly concentrate its horrible I just want to be able to relax. I hate getting up in the morning because I don't know what to do with myself its hard to get any jobs done because my brain is whizzing. Is this a typical symptom of bipolar ? Its just I haven't been diagnosed and I feel like I'm going crazy :confused:

Anyway I hope your feling lots better :hug: Shelly


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Feb 18, 2009
Up North
Sounds like they all apart from your GP need their heads banging together! :rolleyes: ...Anyway hope you sleep well tonight! :)
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