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Crippling anxiety



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Apr 20, 2019
I have a big exam coming up in june that needs lots of preperation. And I have not prepared enough. My problem is that I obsess over details thus I fail to make progress in revision. I am so miticulous about the information in the lesson and am terrified to get it in the wrong way. I start panicking when I revise one thought follows the other, first it's I should've revised this way earlier then it's I think I'm stupid I have the reccurent thought that I'm stupid probably about a thousand times a day wether it's in class or at the grocery store eventually I fall down the rabbit hole and start thinking there's no way I'm going to make it in life. I am angry and frustrated. A small part of me thinks I can succeed and still remembers my previous academic succesesses. But the most part thinks it's already too late. I need to keep pushing to keep going but I'm afraid I'll break.
bluestar ocean

bluestar ocean

Active member
Jan 5, 2021
These thoughts and obsessing seem so important at the time. If one realizes in the future you wont even think about these things and everything will be okay, one wonders why putting so much emphasis that later will mean nothing seems like a waste of time. Unfortunately getting in bad anxiety zone and obsessing is like a fog you simply have to blow away because it's actually not real. The reoccurring thoughts you're having are artificial. You're actually highly intelligent, Smart and can easily deal with this exam. It's overthinking thinking too much in a negative way that's the only problem I can see.
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