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crazy person new here



Jan 31, 2019
Hi my name is Phoebe, i am starting psychotherapy on February 5th
I have had mental health problems for 5 years but have never had a diagnosis.
Anxiety disorder is a definite and possibly Borderline Personality Disorder

Hope to make friends and share my story


Well-known member
Dec 17, 2018
California, US
Hi and welcome. Well done for getting yourself started on the path to better mental health - that's not an easy thing to do for anyone and certainly made harder when symptoms create mayhem in our lives.

You've done two good things for yourself: made an appointment to be diagnosed and joined a supportive community of peers who also struggle with mental illness. I hope you'll give yourself credit for these because you made them happen.

The journey to better mental health will take time so my advice is to be patient with the process and with yourself. Favor your doctor's recommendations over whatever you learn Googling symptoms. Accept that finding the most effective treatment may mean trying some that end up being ineffective. Treatment for mental illness requires that you engage with it and hopefully you'll be able to once symptoms are somewhat relieved.

And if you need someone who gets it to listen while you unburden yourself, know that it's okay to do so here.