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Cravings for Chocolate etc



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Dec 14, 2009
Horsham, West Sussex
Hi all,

I have been taking 300mg of Seroquel and 150mg of Venlafaxine every night for about 8 weeks now for Bipolar type 2 depression and over the last two weeks or so I have had the most amazing craving for anthing sweet like chocolate or Coca-Cola. Im getting through about 6 litres of coke a week and I find myself dreaming of chocolate and waking in the early hours to hunt out something sweet to eat or drink. Im also piling on weight like it's going out of fashion.

Does anyone else get this ? Im assuming it's a side effect ? I have read though that the Seroquel can lead you to develop diabetes ?. Im also urinating for Britain as well, I know I drink alot of soft drinks but there is alot more coming out than going in !!.




I'm taking 300mg of Seroquel, but luckily I haven't noticed any sweet cravings.

I am trying to loose weight though and have joined slimming world, I'm doing everything by the book and working out 3 times a week in Aerobics classes, but I don't seem to be loosing anything and I'm beginning to find it really irritating.

Despite this, Seroquel has really helped me through the Depression/Anxiety side of Bipolar. So, I guess it's just something i'm going to have to put up with.

It seems that most Bipolar Medications have weight issue side effects, it's very annoying, but I will put up with it because they do make me well.
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