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CQC finds ‘unacceptable’ variation in quality of dementia care



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Mar 23, 2009
People with dementia are being put at risk of substandard care by an ‘unacceptable’ variation in the quality of treatment provided at care homes and hospitals across England, a review by England’s social care regulator has found.

The Care Quality Commisson’s Cracks in the Pathway report reviewed inspection findings from 129 care homes and 20 hospitals. The review found that, overall, services were delivering more good care than poor care. But it also found that nine out of 10 of the hospitals and care homes had some elements of care that were of variable or poor standards, a finding campaigners said was “staggering”.

The review’s key findings showed that:

In 29% of care homes and 56% of hospitals inspected, assessments were not comprehensive in identifying all of a person’s care needs.
In 34% of care homes and 42% of hospitals, there were aspects of variable or poor care in relation to people’s mental health, emotional and social needs.
In 27% of care homes and 22% of hospitals, there was poor information sharing when people moved between the services.
In 27% of care homes and 56% of hospitals, there were issues around staff understanding of dementia care.
In response to its findings, the CQC is to appoint a national specialist adviser for dementia care and provide specialist dementia training to its inspection teams. The regulator will also add a section to hospital inspection reports specifically focused on dementia care.

Andrea Sutcliffe, the CQC’s chief inspector of adult social care, said the review had found some examples of “great care” delivered by “committed, skilled and dedicated staff”.

“But this is not the case everywhere or even within the same service meaning too many people are at risk of poor care. This has got to change. A wealth of guidance exists to drive the delivery of excellent care for people living with dementia. We need to make sure that every care home and hospital achieves the high standard of care we see in the best services,” she added.

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive at Alzheimer’s Society, said the CQC’s findings were “staggering” and highlighted “the plight that many people with dementia face”.

CQC finds 'unacceptable' variation in quality of dementia care | Community Care


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Jan 5, 2011
I remember a woman who kept calling out in general hospital for her pension book. For the elderly, this can be of paramount importance. I asked that they just gave it to her. "Oh its a risk in case she lost it" they said. I asked them to just give it to her, and eventually they did. She had dementia, and she calmed down

Little example of simple actions and thought can help.