CPTSD - anybody else? Levomepromazine...



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Oct 18, 2018
Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum so bare with me this might be a bit of a ramble.

So, I'm 27 and have just disclosed the childhood sexual abuse I was subjected to. I have been diagnosed with CPTSD, and I am awaiting specific treatment for that rather than the anxiety & depression treatments I had previously. I have been having so many more panic attacks that I haven't been able to get under control myself like I used to and I can barely sleep. My doctor has prescribed me Levomepromazine and advised (I presume off lisence) that I take one when I feel like I can't control a panic attack and when I can't sleep. After getting home and reading the info on them I'm concerned at A) whether he thinks I have schizophrenia B) that he's prescribed me the wrong thing and C) now I'm questioning my sanity even more than I was before and I've become a paranoid wreck!!

I wish I could just take my brain out and replace it with a fully functioning one!!
I was right about the ramble! 😂

Thanks in advance


Oct 15, 2018
Hi there,

Sorry to hear about what you have been through. I don't know much about medication as I'm not on any myself but I can relate to the C-PTSD. I haven't been diagnosed with it (here it't not something that can actually be diagnosed I don't think unlike PTSD - drs don't recognise it here yet) but I've been told by a therapist that I fit the criteria of having it from childhood abuse, mainly emotional abuse. I also experienced an abusive relationship which has given me PTSD symptoms which is when I first started hearing about C-PTSD as a separate thing.

I would definitely ask you Dr about the medication and do some research on it yourself. I get panic attacks a lot too. I sympathise greatly as they make life very difficult. It's good to know you have some therapy coming up to help specifically with C-PTSD. I think you will need an abuse/trauma-specialist therapist. I find a lot of therapists don't understand abuse and trauma and can be very unhelpful but a good therapist who understands it can help with healing enormously.