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CPN! or is it just me?



New member
Apr 28, 2009
I am going to sound like a real moaner but here goes.
I have had a CPN and have been under their care for the past two and half years.
Personnally what a waste of time I am no further forward and have actually become more of a recluse.
I feel like another number that has to be seen and once they have done and dusted tick the box and leave.
I have been in a depressive state over the last 4 weeks and have struggled but it has come to the stage now were I am so frightened to contact the team as I cannot open up my true feelings as the threat is now over any self harmer from the child protection agency which I fully understand is needed. But I am now the secondary concern and my son who is my LIFE is now primary. So who do I vent my feelings to!!!!!!!! I thought the whole idea of care was to release and talk through depressive periods not to sit in fear of are they going to report me for being a harm to myself. I have a loving supportive family and husband and my son is always protected when my mood is low I have mastered the art over the years of hiding it so well so he isnt effected.......... unfortunately now I feel lost and can no longer vent my true feelings to these people because basically as far as I am concerned they don't want to know.


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Mar 21, 2009
Hi there - sorry I can't be of any help, but I was just wondering who told you child protection has to get involved if you're a self harmer? I've been self harming for approx 13 years and have an 8 year old daughter and I've never had any problems with social work or CPA. I've also been admitted to hospital a few times and my self harming is lets just say 'well documented'!! Have the Child Protection people actually been in touch with you?