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Council Housing and homeless application



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Jun 15, 2016
Hi everyone.

Hoping someone on here has been through similar and can help with advice. I have generalised anxiety disorder, depression and possibly bipolar. I've been registered with my local councils housing register for four years under Band C for no priority. This year they asked me to fill in a medical assessment form which I did and it came back as denied and I wouldn't be awarded priority.

I spoke to Shelter who after going over everything found I was legally homeless as I'm staying with family. Obviously this situation isn't ideal and is causing a lot of tension as I currently stay with a disabled relative who finds it difficult when I have my bad episodes. Let alone having abuse from a neighbour who purposely tries to upset me.
This morning I went to my local council offices to make a homeless application which they refused to do and gave me information on private rents instead.
Where I'm currently staying I'm not on the tenancy agreement and am there on permission only.
I wasn't expecting the council to offer me somewhere there and then I just wanted to be on their homeless list and get bumped up a band as according to shelter I am entitled to.
Should the council have offered more help or at the least done a homeless application? I feel like I'm going round in circles and just want to feel safe and secure somewhere after all this time.
Has anyone here been through a similar thing?


I'm sorry you're in this situation. Four years is a long time to not be getting anywhere. Do you have cmht support. I was given priority for housing because i was in a similar position. My cpn at the time and a housing officer for mental health supported me in making the case that my mh was at risk due to my situation.
Can you get supporting statements from the cmht, your GP?
I wish you luck.
I'm grateful for my flat but ironically, I'm now enduring antisocial behaviour where I live which is having an impact on my mh. x