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Could these be symptoms of psychosis?



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Aug 8, 2008
The last three nights I have barely been able to sleep. I keep feeling fleas and other other insects crawling all over me. Its driving me mad, coz when i turn on the light and look, there is nothing there. During the day I have been feeling the same sensations, on and off.

I have also had some weird dreams when I do get to sleep and I am frequently dreaming of situations that could be real. In so far as I am having problems sometimes telling which experiences and conversations were real and which were dreamed.

Could these be symptoms of psychosis? Could I have your opinions please?


In my opinion and experience, psychosis isn't that you don't know the difference between reality and imagination, and it makes me cross when experts tell me that it is.

In my experience, it is when your senses tell you lies basically.

e.g. I was quite able to tell the difference between my imagination and reality when I was ill, but when my eyes told me I could see gunshot wounds in other people's heads, my ears told me I was telepathic and was exchanging thoughts with a kind old man, my nerve endings were telling me ghosts were going in and out of my body and my nose told me that I was smelling incense, that's when I didn't know, and no body would ever be able to know, because our senses are the only way we have of knowing what is going on outside of our own bodies, and if they lie to us, then we have not a hope of knowing what reality is

Think of a person who is blind and deaf - the only way they know what's happening is through smell, touch and taste. Then take away touch, taste and smell from them. They are totally isolated. Your senses are the only way of knowing what is going on outside of yourself. If they lie to you then it's not surprising that you believe them, especially if they've always been reliable before.

Sorry, that was a rant.

I think that you could go to the doctor and ask but psychosis is more than not knowing the difference between dreams and waking times. You might want a neurological test to rule out a neurological explanation for the sensations you're getting. It might be psychosis but it's a mild form. Still, it's best to check it out early rather than wait for it to get worse.


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Jul 30, 2008
i heard yesterday we dream about things that have hapened during the day it happens to me often. i also have dreams that are warnings to stay back from people that might want to do me harm


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Jul 31, 2008
Worcestershire, Great Britain

i heard yesterday we dream about things that have hapened during the day it happens to me often. i also have dreams that are warnings to stay back from people that might want to do me harm
That's interesting.

My dreams seem to be prophecies for my life, but in a reverse chronology. First it started with my death years before my visions began, then as I got older the dreams I dreamt became more and more recent in what they were 'prophecising', if indeed they ever were.
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