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Could there be something wrong with my brother?



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Apr 18, 2010
A couple of days ago I saw him jumping up and down when he thought he was home alone. The weird thing is, when I got a bit closer to him I noticed he was talking to himself, but everything he was saying was gibberish! He did it for a good 30 seconds, where everything he said was just absolute gibberish (words like "garsdfsdfs" seriously it was bizarre). It was really scary. He did this for a while, but when I "confronted" him he stopped and tried to convince me not to tell anyone about what he had just been doing and he seemed really embarrassed. Is there something wrong with him? Should I let my parents know or just ignore it? I'm worried about him, please help! He's 17 years old too, so it's not like he's a little kid burning energy.


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Jul 28, 2009
its a difficult one hun, have you noticed any other behavour? is he stressed at school etc, sometimes we all have bursts of frustration and do things a little odd.
keep an eye on him, but dont go "looking for things" and maybe have a chat with him, he may have been so bloody mad about something that it was just his realeas of anger say.
im not a Dr just a mum, so im no expert.
if there is any other worries you have share with your parents if you can, secrets have a way of coming back to bite us huni and will cause you stress aswell. x


It's very possible that he could just be releasing tension. You don't have to be a kid to let tension off alone in those sorts of ways. People can and do all sorts of 'crazy' things when they're on their own and it doesn't necessarily mean that they have a problem.
I think if you bring it up again it might upset or fluster him quite a bit... because he will see that it's stayed in your mind. It might be blowing it out of proportion a little. I'd suggest just leaving it, if there is a problem it is likely to show itself in other ways sooner or later.
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