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Could The Pill be making my anxiety and depression worse?



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Nov 11, 2018
I'm on Rigevidon which I've been on for about 3 years. Now with this one it is the cheapest alternative to the other pills on the market and one my doctor suggested I take. It hasn't had the best rep, such as one lady dying from it, I've looked further and some people have said it has made their depression and anxiety worse.

The thing is I started this right at the time many things would happen to me, which I think I'm now mentally suffering the consequences of. With this pill you have a 7 day break, and last week while on that break I was starting to feel ok, a bit like I was on autopilot instead of having these crashes of emotions, I was still having waves of anxiety and depression but not as intense, and I actually felt like I was recovering.
I'm back on it again this week, this was my second day of taking it. And in the evening (Which is when my mood tends to dip) I felt so emotional, I had to go and cry and let it all out and I felt so so scared.

I know it would be best to go off it to see if that is the cause, however I don't want to mess my body up. I even heard that coming off it you can feel depressed and anxious for a while due to hormones (As If I'm not bad already) I am seeing my doctor this month anyway (I hate that it is over the phone) I will ask her what is the best thing to do.

I was just wondering if anyone else had this experience with the same or similar contraception, and what you did?

Alexander Ypsilantis

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Mar 3, 2020
The 20-something girl who used to live next door had an extreme anxiety reaction which her doctor thinks was caused by the different effects of birth control pills and taking too big a dose of Xanax for her anxiety for too long. Xanax is a benzodiazepine medication and her mother told me what the doctors said, about her birth control pills possibly reacting with the Xanax. She had to move in with her mother about a year and a half ago over extreme anxiety and the house has been vacant ever since. Bad reaction.

Deleted member 91323

Many women do find the pill causes them to have low mood. If you wanted to stop taking it to see if your mood improved then that may be an idea. I am glad you are going to have a doctors appointment soon.


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Apr 10, 2020
planet earth
Like any pills, it has side effects. There are many routes to go when looking to change a medication. I hope you choose the right one.


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Feb 7, 2020
The pill affects hormones and hormones have an impact on moods.
In my opinion, the pill is not good for many reasons.


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Nov 11, 2018
Hey guys,

thank you. I'm ok as can be today. I am going to ask my doctor what I should do. Its so hard to tell whats happening to your mind and body and what the true cause is.

Hope you're all staying safe and well
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