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Could my brain be affected?



New member
Mar 27, 2009
I want your kind idea on this tragic incident that happened to me a few days back.

Last week I went to my friend's house and they were drinking beer. They offered me also but I refused as I am not used to drinking and as I had never took alcohol in my life, alcohol being harmful to brain. But they were also having some snacks (boti which is like a hollow cylinder made of wheat) along with beer. I ate some 5 to 6 pieces of that snacks as I thought that is not of any harm.

But on the next day, my friend told me that the snacks that I ate had just been dipped in beer which means that I had unintentionally consumed alcohol for the first time. A few days back, I read an article in the Internet that even very low levels of alcohol could affect brain by causing some permanent damage and impairment which cannot be reversed. I want to know if the snacks said to be contaminated with beer that I ate last week would have affected my brain and to what extent? Can any damage that would have occured be cured in course of time considering that I never intentionally consume alcohol?

Actually since that incident happened, I have started to feel some difference in my mental state. That is why I am extremely worried. Previously thinking, logical reasoning and visualization used to come to me very fluently but for the last few days I feel some sort of emptiness and reduced sensitivity in my mind. Thoughts and reasning are not as fluent as before. Also previously my pineal and pituatry glands used to be very active and I could feel some energy there but now I do not feel that for the last few days. All these experiences are scaring me.

I want to know whether the little alcohol that I might have unintentionally consumed from a few pieces of snacks could have altered my brain for ever. Can I regain my previous abilities and mental state.

Please give your honest views and shed some light on this. Thanks in advance.


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Sep 22, 2008
So you think that you may have consumed some alcohol and that it has damaged your brain.Doesn't sound very likely to me.


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Mar 21, 2009
Don't mean to be rude but are you for real?? You honestly think that snacks dipped in beer have affected your mental state? I can categorically say that no, it will not have altered your mental state.


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Mar 26, 2009

i work as a brewer and YES alcohol does affect your mental state and can do damage to your brain.

1) it affects your mental state by reducing your inhibitions - it will do this IMMEDIATELY and will NOT have a prolonged effect as alcohol is broken down by the liver in a matter of hours (depending on quantity of course)

2) You would have to drink pints and pints and pints of alcohol EVERY SINGLE DAY for a LONG period of time to actually damage your brain.

do you think perhaps they were just winding you up????


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Hello Robert and Welcome

I am 99.99999999 per cent , confident that you haven't damaged your brain