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Could I be depressed?



Active member
Jan 5, 2010
Yeah so I don't know if I'm like depressed or if it's just like teenage hormones or whatever haha
It's like I'm really angry a lot of the time and burst into a rage at the smallest things and it takes me like an hour to cool down properly afterwards.
I'm sad a lot aswell but I'm not sure if it's just like mood swings and something I have to deal with or if it's like some form of depression.
I self harm often when I'm sad or angry and honestly have thought about trying to kill myself many times, though I've never actually attempted it, but it's like if I ever did I've planned exactly how and when I would do it.
But the thing is I wouldn't be trying to do it to actually die, I'd really want to be found and end up recovering in hospital and I don't know why.
Since last year my grades in school have taken a serious dip and I really don't think I've done very well in any of my exams.
My family just put all this down to teenage angst or whatever which it very well may be, but they don't know that I self harm or that I think about suicide.
So I dunno if I'm like depressed or not, I think I might be, but I also think I might have just convinced myself that I am.

Thanks for reading :)


Jun 1, 2010
Hi, you have issues that you need to talk about, nobody but a proffessional can say if you have depression, do you have a close friend or family member you can talk to, to start with but it is very important you make an appointment to see your doctor. I wish you all the best.


New member
Jun 18, 2010
Hey there. I know exactly how you feel about the suicide thing; at my worst and even now, as an optimist and not depressed, i have found myself wanting to die just so that i could see what people really think of me and how much i mean to them. But i don't want to die and please never try suicide, no matter how bad it gets, because i can promise you life will always get better. Trust me, i know; I've been through a lot and it always gets better. As for the emotional stuff, i can only suggest that maybe you'd do well to channel your emotions into something like painting, writing, singing (that's a very good stress reliever) or anything you enjoy that gives you a sense of satisfaction. If not, im always here to talk to. You don't have to say anything you don't want to, but even if you just want a rant about your day, it'll make you feel better. On the self harm topic, I've been there too, and i know it's not a form of suicide so i don't really have a right to tell you to stop, but in the long run it doesn't really help. If you're worried about your grades, maybe that'd be a good thing to concentrate on so when you do get the good grades it'll cheer you up :) . I don't know if you're depressed or not, but you're not happy so i feel the need to help :) . And never regret anything that you've done or has happened to you.


Well-known member
Jun 4, 2010
SW England
Hello Aeon.

Hold on luv,, you will be OK, The other responders are talking sense. talk to your doctor for some professional advice.


Active member
Jun 21, 2010
One of the hardest things I went through with my depression was figuring out whether what I was experiencing was normal or an illness. Having been through that and seen several others go through the same I can say that you ought to seek professional help. You can't heal untill you admit that something is wrong. I know that is hard but self-harm and suicidal thoughts are two very big indicators that your feelings are not typical.

I have also seen kids that were severely depressed whose parents dismissed it as normal teenage experiences. Sometimes parents won't admit that something is wrong, not because they don't believe it but because they can't handle what admitting that would mean. It can be devastating if you put to much importance on getting recognition from your parents. If you do get that recognition good, but if not, you still need to seek help regardless.


the machine

Kids fed into the depression machine, no jobs, no hope ??
Societies done a great job, time to wake up and work together, support them , give them real hope, show real care, really listen !!
Give them a hand to hold them, support to do things, education, volunteering, a move toward work if possible ??
All this crap about teenage angst is utter rubbish !!!:mad::mad:(y)
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