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Corbyn: Disabled people 'demonised' by austerity politicians



Sep 25, 2012
Planet Lunatic Asylum
Corbyn: Disabled people 'demonised' by austerity politicians -

Corbyn: Disabled people 'demonised' by austerity politicians - AOL Money UK

"Jeremy Corbyn said disabled people and those on social security had been "demonised" by some politicians as he slated the Government's record over help for society's least fortunate.
Mr Corbyn, at the Labour Party's launch to develop policies to fight discrimination and promote disability equality, said some disabled people had faced "horrifying" hate crime since Brexit.
The Labour leader said: "Some politicians have sought to legitimise cuts, demonising people with disabilities as scroungers and shirkers - remember that language that was used in the past?
"We will never use that language. It is out of court, unacceptable, and should be unacceptable in any kind of decent civilised society.
"And they have whipped up hatred towards disabled people.
"The hate crime that has grown particularly since the Brexit referendum has been horrifying.
"Horrifying in its racism, horrifying in its misogyny, horrifying in its homophobia, horrifying in its attacks on people with disabilities across the country."
The event, attended by 50 disabled people, heard they were now being "vilified" as "skivers" and the "undeserving poor".
But half of all people in poverty in the UK are disabled or live in a household with a disabled person, which Mr Corbyn said was a "shocking" indictment of the system."


Well-known member
May 5, 2016
So true, I have seen so many people with crutches or in wheelchairs getting abuse in public and accused of faking it. Never used to happen. People are saying that if you have a Down's syndrome baby you should abort as it will be a burden on society. That's nazi rhetoric. Also all the people with Down's who I know work really hard, stuck in the back of charity shops or in hot kitchens. Disability charities are downplaying the ' negatives' so are acting like the disabled should work just as hard as the ' normal' people, but it's tight, because people with Down's aren't allowed free will like even we are mentally ill are, they are not allowed to even have sex, marry have kids, or go to the pub, if they are 'able' to work, they should be allowed some degree of free will as well. Sorry For rant, I'm annoyed because a woman with Down's at my class keeps saying she doesn't want to work full time steaming clothes in a charity shop and gets exhausted and burns her hands frequently on the iron ( clumsy because nerves not right in hands) I think they are taking advantage of her. Her foster family give her shite old clothes to wear too, she's not allowed to choose her own stuff. At least I can have some control, unlike her and those on forced injections of antipsychotics.