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Nov 15, 2019
I’m really struggling. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 8 months. My dad was abusive and so was my 2 previous relationships. How do I trust him? I’m trying so hard, he appears to be the most genuine and kind hearted man. However I didn’t even realise how abusive my previous partner was until I was out of it. I now struggle to trust my own judgement. He’s amazing at reassuring me. I’m just so scared, I really don’t have it in me to be hurt again.
The flashbacks and nightmares are really vivid. I’ve just started EMDR therapy.
It’s like I’m waiting for it to go wrong. I shut off at any minor trigger and it can take me weeks to open back up again.
I have a 1 year old and a 2 year old who have been the sole reason I have survived so far.
My new partner makes me feel whole again. I just don’t know how to let him in, how can I when there is so much at stake? What if my children get attached and then he leaves or turns into a crazy person like my previous?
Also my ex left me for my best friend when my youngest was 7 weeks old so there is a lot of unhealed trauma Still. My children’s dad has no contact with them because of drug and alcohol issues. I just overthink everything. I’m waiting for the first hit.
please help me :(
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

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Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
hi I just wanted to welcome you to the forum
try and go with your heart and how you feel about him
trust your gut instinct
you deserve happiness try and remember that
welcome to the forum
love from fairy Lu xxx
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