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Coping With Life



New member
Jan 26, 2010
I made Coping With Life to be a place for people to read about others peoples problems about how they deal with them, and then express their own difficulties.
Its still new, but much to be added each day. I encourage a lot of posts from outside sources, so if you have something to say, then please post it or email it to me.

Or PM here.

copingwithlife.weebly.com <-----copy and paste to browser.

thank you.


(I am looking for contributors and content writers. so feel free to let me know if your interested)


Well-known member
Dec 15, 2008
And I thought about how lucky I am to have so many people in my life I can vent too. And how unfortunate it'd be for other people, who don't have people they can express themselves to, and how much everyone needs that.

Thats why people come here - to have somewhere to vent and share with other's who are not fotunate enough to have someone to vent to in their real lives - Or should I say I am talking about myself here anyway.


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