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Coping with depression and long distance relationships.



New member
Feb 19, 2020
Hey newbie to this!
So for the last few years I've been living with depression except I never wanted to acknowledge it was there so I suppressed it until recently when I completely have a break down. I've been struggling really bad with it lately I'm always in floods of tears and feeling down, over thinking everything.i have anxiety to so my emotions and brain is totally all over the place! I either feel everything or nothing. And it's getting so difficult to cope with the constant switch of emotions at the click of the fingers. I have been with my partner for just under a year and he is in the military so I don't get to see him very much. I absolutely am in love with the guy but I feel like I'm putting to much on him, he is amazing with handling me but I feel like he's eventually going to give up as he has a lot on already as his dad is dying so I really don't want to put this on him, we talk alot and he understands to an extent. My behaviour is getting out of control towards him tho and it breaks my heart as ll the time. I'm constantly thinking that he's cheating on me even tho he is not and I get so upset when he can't talk for a hour or so because he is busy, I am always moody with him or get really upset when he leaves or I cannot see him for a few weeks because our work schedules don't work out. I know that I'm selfish and should be more understanding but I just get so out of control some times that I cannot reset or breath I just flip out and get so paranoid and over think what if he's going off me or I'm not good enough for him. He always tries to reassure me but it never works so my question is how do I cope? I am on the waiting list for Cbt but its a 3 month wait. What do I do? How can I relieve the pressure I'm creating and help to control my self? Any advise or help would be amazing as this isn't the person I am and I never want to be like this I just really don't know how to stop
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