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Coping with anxiety in lead up to social event?



New member
Apr 2, 2021
I suffer from fairly severe social anxiety which I usually deal with by, as far as possible, avoiding all social situations. This means that I spend most of my time home alone, but I'm okay with that and I'm not on any form of medication. However, to my horror, I now find myself obligated to attend a family wedding in 6 weeks time. Events are going to span over two days and I'm going to know only one other person in attendance. This situation is very close to my idea of hell. In addition to being weird and awkward, I'm inevitably going to make some terrible faux pas as I always do at at any formal event.
Every time I think about the situation I have palpitations and come close to a full blown panic attack.

I'd be interested to know if people have any of their own coping mechanisms for getting through the lead up to high-stress events as well as the events themselves. Basically I'm now living with this huge shadow of dread hanging over me, dominating my thoughts day and night. Would a doctor be willing to prescribe anything just to get me through the next 6 weeks, given that I don't need anything from day to day? (I'm in the UK if that makes any difference.)

Thanks for reading.


Well-known member
Apr 6, 2020
i’ve got social anxiety too and know the feeling ,, my coping mechanism isn’t good but am trying to get better x i had my niece birthday party and was soooo nervous and was awkward when i was there n i said never again!! will i feel this way
the wedding might go amazingly well and you could meet the man of your dreams ? you will look amazing and might have a really fun time! Tell yourself u will go and have fun . don’t make it about anyone else !!! 6 weeks is a long time you could feel completely different by then ? maybe Say to yourself your gonna live for now and worry about it later ... then when later comes you might be excited instead of feeling dread


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2020
United Kingdom
Welcome. Can you not ask your doctor nearer the time to see if he can help. There is also rescue remedy to ask the doctor or nurse. Just an idea so that you are not too worked up about the wedding. Try and stay calm as you still have weeks to go. Take care xx


Well-known member
Jul 31, 2020
I've been trying to learn some coping mechanisms too. I've done some EFT Tapping and that brings a bit of relaxation. Sometimes I focus on breathing a little bit to calm down also. I just picked up a book about mindfulness. Maybe that will help. There are many techniques you can try to bring about a reduction in anxiety. You might need to experiment with this to find out what helps or what doesn't. And it may need to be a daily practice, but these things can be simple to do and just take a short while, like minutes. I do tapping sometimes while watching stuff, not even focusing on anything in particular. It might not do a lot to help, maybe a little. But a little help is still better than none.
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