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Aug 1, 2014
HI Flyoffthe,

Just to update you presently, I haven;t had any more sudden "attacks" of voices, at all not since the one on Saturday. I have been and presently am very well.

Today, I was able to my workouts twice today to my dvds, in at home.

Best regards,

Natalie Berg.


Jan 3, 2018
Rochester, NY
HI Flyoffthe,

Just to update you presently, I haven;t had any more sudden "attacks" of voices, at all not since the one on Saturday. I have been and presently am very well.

Today, I was able to my workouts twice today to my dvds, in at home.

Best regards,

Natalie Berg.
Hey Natalie,

Voices are mysterious so if they show up don't be dismayed. You are doing well it sounds as a person and that's what's important. You should never think of yourself as not a good person because bad spirits bother you. It's not your fault, weakness, or blame in any way. I'm glad you are attack free presently, its always good when the voices are not around. I have setbacks when they show up but I stopped judging myself because of them. Good job on your workouts, staying active makes a big difference in life overall. Always glad to hear from you! ~Peter Hubinsky


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Aug 1, 2014
Hi Flyoffthe,

Before I start, that is a very interesting, about being a good person, rather than bad, and can I just add, also, that negativity feelings, do not help either"! On the spirit front, I'm fine, very well. No further heard voices, no.

A short u pdate; I have done my workout for today, and I might workout again, later today.

I always sometimes mostly, sap out of overnight of sleeping, bang with a start of paranoia, and i just can't get back, so I feel right, I'll workout later. Often, than, not, my parents are in, so I can't workout during the afternoons. If on the odd occasion, they are out, then I am able to do just that.

I also, this overnight, have been listening to musicals, and music, and knitting combined.

Momentarily, I am listening to Diana Krall. I'll switch over to my strong very favourite, singing songstress - Jane McDonald.

Best regards.


London, UK. England.


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Aug 1, 2014
Hi Flyoffthe,

Just an short update;

I was typing an email, about to, and during this procedure - I couldn't concentrate, I felt what coudl I do, ahh, I'll fetch my walkman and listening to music whilst on line.

It wasn't the question of spirits, I just couldn't concentrate. For a short moment.

Which was highly unusual.

Best regards,



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Aug 1, 2014
Hi Folks/Hi All,

Just lately I have had a couple more heard voices. Keeping in mind, I have been extremely shattred, up early f rom overnight, the voices filtered through. Woudln't have a clue who they were from, and also, i don't delve into the voices, I'd feel worse off than i really am.

Temporarily, to help me sleep better and also I have been stablised for a longlong time, I have temporarily reduced my dose down, carefully does it now, to 15ml. I felt that 20ml wouldn't do anything very much to keep me stablised. Anyway, i shall monitor for the week ahead, and debrief the junior anchor GP on Monday. That will be a meds review appointment. I have a feeling that she wishes for blood tests t o be done also.

i am hoping to get anothe challenging harder and faster session, of contemporary dance aerobics done, tomorrow. Early morning prefreably.

As always, I am still keeping to the method of listening to musicals and music, and knitting.

Have a good day/evening all,

Best regards all,



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Apr 11, 2020
Focussing techniques help me a lot, brilliant thread :thx:


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Aug 11, 2010
Beware folks .... with all these COVID-19 Restrictions and Lockdowns ... The Voices will be preying on us those infected by them and will be intensifying their madness deluding that since we are staying back at home only they can mess with us Ha Ha they are going on about that we are locked in our homes all day and cannot go out much because of the COVID-19 Lockdowns so that gives these parasites the right to intensify their efforts ....

But what about them they have been locked inside our heads since their births and have never been able and will never be able to escape .... but they have the gall at looking at us and making fun of us and deluding that we will simply go Mad so they want to intensify their efforts and make us Mad.

Be extra alert in these periods of lockdowns not to get your mental health further compounded by the intensified activities of these Voices.

Hopefully the Medico-Pharma community one day will wake up to the severity of the Voices problem and will develop remedies to exterminate them... with the same gusto that they have developed the COVID-19 vaccines.

Cheerio !!!


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Jan 15, 2021
Hi there, these are some helpful techniques that I think may of help to others. This may be of use to low to mid level intensities. But if you find that you are not coping, even though you may be trying these suggestions, it is important to seek help from a medical professional:

Focussing Techniques
Identify your voices, number, gender, age etc
Reason with your voices
Listen for positive voices
Schedule time for the voices
Let a trusted person interview your voices
Write down what the voices say

Positive Emotional Techniques
Listen to upbeat music
Make a list of blessings
Get friends to write positive things about you
Make a list of your assets and strengths
Read positive scriptures
Read jokes online
Say positive affirmations
Record in your voice positive things about you
Watch comedy tv/movies

Look After Yourself
Do something nice for yourself each day
Eat healthy
Exercise regularly
Keep to a daily routine
Plan your day
Set realistic goals
See that life has grey areas too

Emotional Focusing
Talk to a mature person
List emotional triggers
List a plan b for emotional triggers
Paint/draw/scribble emotions
Keep a mood diary
Write poetry

Coping Techniques
Keep free from illicit drugs
Support Groups
Good friends
Identify most likely times you hear voices
Keep a diary
Talk to a mature person

Unhelpful Things
Self-medicating/ taking yourself off meds
Being told not to talk about voices
Not talking about your voices [bottling up]
Disturbing dreams
Lack of sleep
Being told it’s your imagination
Negative thinking

Relaxation Techniques
Acknowledging fear, worry and stress and letting go
Slow deep breathing
Listen to relaxing music

Crisis Techniques
Tell a mature person
Plan in advance for emotional triggers
Have a safe place
Get rid of possible self-harm implements
Have PRN meds
Remind yourself that it will pass
Shout into a pillow
Identify the trigger and write it down

Comforting Techniques
Change bedding
Eat favorite food
Hot bath
Hot drink
Hug someone
Illuminate dark rooms
Soak feet
Comfort a pet
Write in a diary

General Ideas
Don’t expect perfection from yourself
List assets and strengths
Positive affirmations
Voice dialogue
Listening to two separate sound sources in each ear, one music the other a book

Distraction Techniques
Paint/draw/scribble emotions
Phone a friend
Visit a friend
Walk by the sea

Source: www.hearing-voices.org; www.hearingvoicesnetwork.com; Intervoice: The International Hearing Voices Network
Wow this is so helpful!


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Nov 17, 2020
United Kingdom
Shouting out


This is what my Husband is doing of late and shouting out back at his voices. I do not think he has any insight into it though is able to open up to me and tell me "people are telling him to f..k off". Neighbours, people walking past, whilst driving with windows up etc. Past yr has become more often. Been occurring for a couple of yrs. Though he believes it's happening, and denies that no one is around when he hears it. Not sure of my avenue on what to do? He lacks sleep, is stressed so has all the elements that add up to this. I guess he brushes it off and I ignore it as such and just say what ever when it happens(meaning I don't read into it) and we just change the topic. Maybe it's more me worried than it actually effecting him at all? If this is possible Should I just ignore it, knowing that he hears these but doesn't on the front seem to phase him? Thanks

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post?
I’m the person who now only occasionally has to deal with voices - on my own but within earshot l say something to them to make them go away (they mostly do) and my Husband ignores it. I know that he knows it’s a small coping strategy. When dealing with difficult memories l sigh in such a way - he knows it’s ok to ask me about it.
I know l would be ok if my Husband wanted to talk to me about any behaviours but maybe you could try to ask your Husband more about it when he is more calm? Research into different coping strategies might help and make you feel on more solid ground? As for stress and lack of sleep is there anything that could improve the situation?
There are many CBT therapists that offer care for all people in a relationship?
You also need to take care of yourself - there are many different ways you can find support solely for you. I Thank God for my S/O and l’m sure yours does too.
Sorry if that hasn’t been very helpful - hopefully other members will be more constructive.


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Dec 4, 2020

I put a link to my topic, if the administrator decides, he can transfer the posts to this one. I try to list all the psychological terms I discussed with a psychologist in a forum, thanks to which, although I am diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, I have no voices and I am in remission. Overall, I've never had problems (almost) with voices, only with harassment delusions and insomnia.
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