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Constant thoughts of Homicide and suicide.



New member
Jan 14, 2009
Alright, for a few months now I keep having though of comiting Homicide and Suicide. Mostly facing to my sisters. I rather not want to speak of what I was thinking but I have come close to Suicide many times. But the worst thing is that I am only 12 years old.


hello and welcome to the forum.
I can see that you are worried about this. As we grow older we have a lot of thoughts and feelings we sometimes do not understand and that makes us even more worried and scared.
You need to talk to someone about this, you mum, your doctor, or someone at school, the school nurse or something, or you can call childline on 08001111. Its free to call them.
it is best to talk about it than wonder or guess.
We cannot tell you why you are feeling these things, but a doctor will be able to help you.
take care