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constant battle...



Hi guys sorry its a long one and a few of you may have read a few of my posts, i have bi-polar and i struggle with getting to grips with it.. im on lithium 1000 mg.. this is under question at the moment..

I also have a 10 yr old daughter with behaviour problems and a eating disorder. she was in hospital a while ago as she stopped eating and drinking.. shes back on that slippery slope shes hardly eating and the drinking is a major battle.. shes under c.a.m.h.s but its a battle with them and her she will be all nice and polite and tell them whatever they want to know when there here. when theyve gone or shes got one on her shes sorry but vile the only way i can describe her moods its like shes possessed not the same child i half expect her head to start spinning (she can scream and shout for up to 3 hours) she can say the most spiteful things and shout really loudly, she'll kick punch throw things and hit out at both myself and her 2 sisters one is only 19mnths old... but shes lovely when shes not in a mood she says she doesn't know why she does it she says she can't stop it. also she won't look at herself in the mirror, she also has a thing about germs on her hands and holds food really strangly, but tonight was really hard she'd had her shouting and kicking temper then she got hold of a belt and wrapped it round her neck and said she was going to kill herself i stood there in dis-belief she started wretching and let go as shes also got a fear of vomit sat on her bed and cried.... i don't really know if any of you will reply to this but my moods really low at the moment i know this is having a big effect but i just don't seem to know what to do for the best..

thanks for reading xx


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Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks

first off i dont have any advice sorry im rubbish but no one has relpyed and i just want to say keep talking on here some one will have an answer for you xxxx
i really wish i could of been more help xx


she very much sounds like a friends child, she is very hard work, she has a dx but wont say what it is as not my place to.

all i can say is (((hugs))) keep posting :hug:

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