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considering meds again



New member
May 26, 2010
los angeles california
GI know the first reaction to hearing someone is off meds is to tell them they must get back on them right away. So don't worry that is what I plan on doing.

But I must say I was never more unhappy than I was for the four and a half years I was on bipolar meds. I eventually wound up on depakote/valproate, zoloft, halcion, and seroquel.
Maybe I wasn't aggitated, hyper, or consumed by "grandiose delusions" but I was drowsy, clouded, fatigued, depressed, cranky, lethargic, lost, apathetic and had no creative or sexual drive.
I am an artist and a musician so this is unacceptable.

This time around I plan on dumping the antipsychotic (since my hallucinations are brought on by endless days of mania and insomnia) as well as the antidepressant (since firstly depression doesn't cause problems the way mania and psychosis have and secondly because I truly believe ssris have influenced several of my manic cycles...or even triggered).

I may try lithium instead of depakote because after years of drinking and taking drugs (legal and illegal) I rather leave my liver alone.

So I guess the three points of this post are 1.as a way of saying hello, since I just joined 2.to ask your opinion on trying a lighter amount of meds. 3.if anyone else has conquered the creativity drainage from meds and 4.has anyone here conquered prolonged severe insomnia?

Thanks guys.


Well-known member
Jul 16, 2009
Hi and :welcome: to the forum
To the contrary ...Many people on here would encourage you to try alternatives to meds.

How long have you been off meds for and is insomnia the only problem your having


Well-known member
May 19, 2010

I have no experience regarding meds, but I just wanted to say welcome to the forum.


Well-known member
Apr 9, 2010
Hi there!
I guess with meds it is a bit of trial and error.
Alternative therapies may be something you could try, apparantly melatonin is really good for insomnia even though its deemed to be 'natural' (I think) you still need a prescription to get it. (Well in NZ anyway)
I hope you can find something that works for you.
Have you thought of going to a naturopath? or someone similiar?
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