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Considering changing mood stabilisers. Any experiences with antidepressants?



Well-known member
Apr 15, 2020
London, UK
Dear all,

A few months ago I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar with some psychotic/paranoid features. I was stabilised with Lamictal 200mg and Aripiprazole 5mg. This combo has been worked great although I still did not feel my usual self. That is until a couple weeks back, when I've been feeling like I'm slipping back into the depression. I've been feeling more withdrawn around friends and lacking in motivation for self care.

I'm considering asking my pdoc to switching me to fluoxetine (Prozac) for the depression and pushing the aripiprazole to 10mg. I've heard some mixed things about antidepressants for Bipolar disorder, with some saying it can trigger mania or rapid cycling and others saying how helpful it is for the depression. I'm not willing to change the antipsychotic to olanzapine or anything else, due to weight gain side and sedation side effects.

Anyone have any experiences they can share about antidepressants or switching mood stabilisers in general would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Well-known member
Mar 31, 2019
Tried many. Didn't work. Triggered mania several times. No I've been off since the last manic episode. I am now only on Lithium and Quetiapine. Not working either.


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Apr 6, 2020
My psychiatrist mentioned fluoxetine as the safest antidepressant for bipolar but only if you're on a high enough dose of antipsychotic so they might let you try it. I've become manic on sertraline but I took it on and off for years before that happened. I think it really varies from patient to patient.
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