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Oct 21, 2013
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Had another appointment with connections and the lady (my support worker?) filled out a form to mind housing or mind, i guess mind housing.
There was a section about goals? And firstly it was put down about working towards getting back to work eventually or a sort of long term goal? i don't know but then later I explained and it was written that it's a long term goal? but i said how my OCD effects me in regards to concentration and how I can become occuppied with thoughts, or things.
Although i did not saying in those exact words but it's along those lines as well as other things i said in regards to OCD.
I'm having doubts about saying concentration when explaining but no i'm sure and know i did say concentration.

Even about making this thread, I have thoughts mostly and feelings ( i feel like i'm lying about the feelings) about lying.

Well that's that.
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