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connection between self - image & anxiety



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Oct 22, 2014
cumbria, uk
Hey all.
I've an interesting question for u all

Who thinks their anxiety is caused by lack of confidence?
I've got severe self esteem issues. Hate even looking in a mirror. Feel ugly even though I'm told I'm ok.

I think this is causing 99% of my agoraphobia.
Don't like going out cos I don't like people looking at me. When I drink, I don't care & it's only time I go out.

Some days I wanna go out for a bit of a walk but can't cos my legs turn to jelly & that makes my anxiety worse!

I guess a lot of u are in similar situation?
How do u cope?


Jan 15, 2013
Yes mine certainly is when it comes to my social anxiety but if I'm in a place where no one knows me I am fine.

How do I cope? From what I learnt in CBT but mostly by being one of those annoying people who listen to music full blast. (if I'm being served at a shop I take my headphones off to be polite)



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Jul 19, 2010
middle earth
I do lack confidence a lot of the time, and that does cause me some anxiety - but mostly about doing tasks, rather than being out among people. So I get anxious about my performance at work, because I worry I"m not good enough, but I don't really worry what people think of me in terms of what I look like / am wearing, that kind of thing.

I used to worry about that, but then I thought, well when I'm going somewhere and I"m walking along the street I'm not looking at everyone else thinking 'they're weird, that coat doesn't suit them, they look like an idiot' or anything like that - I'm too caught up in my own thinking to bother about anyone else. I'm usually thinking 'I need to go and get x / I wonder how long the train will be / mustn't forget to do abc when I get home'...... so I figure everyone else is the same. They're not looking at me thinking 'she's weird', they're thinking about their own stuff and aren't giving me a second thought.
That really helped me - I don't give anyone else a second thought when i'm out and about, so why should anyone be giving me a second thought? And they're not.
And now i'm not half so anxious about going out and into shops and stuff.