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Connecting & Letting Go



Sep 25, 2012
Planet Lunatic Asylum
Connecting & Letting Go -

Connecting & Letting Go | Creative by Nature

"If I had to summarize what I’ve learned from Taoist and Buddhist philosophy it’s been a deeper understanding of how to let go and connect with life. It’s a kind of yin and yang approach to everything.

In the Tao te Ching the advice is to yield with difficulties, reduce clutter, create space, let go. So over the years I’ve tried to apply this to my thoughts, emotions, goals, expectations and opinions, especially when these are creating anxiety or unhappiness. This approach has helped me to let go of stress, flow with problems, accept situations that were difficult, and to find deeper peace.

On the flip side the great masters of the East offer wonderful advice on how to connect more closely with the world around us, with nature, with creative activities and people, with the great flow of all existence. They emphasize how we are a part of Nature, a part of this Universe, and as we let go of our limited human thoughts and obsessions, we fall back gracefully into the source of all things, connecting directly with the Universal field of energy and spirit that has brought us into being.

This is who we really are, the sages and masters tell us. We are this great dance of life, awareness and creative activity. Breathing in deeply and mindfully we pull the outer world into us, breathing out slowly we let it go.

Connect and let go…"


i watched that film the other day, i thought it was OK. What does it mean for you?
The film or your post? I'll answer both.
The film was about Elsa being afraid of her powers but finding out that Anna, who loved her, could melt away her fear. True love can break any spell we're under. This, I believe.
Your post: We live our lives and connect with those around us. But we have to learn to let go sometimes because we can't keep carrying everything with us, especially things that belong in the past. One day we will all have to let go. It's scary, but it's important. I guess.

And that's where Elsa sings her song because it fits the mood and everything.


Thank you for sharing this, CPU.
This definitely shows how powerful true love can be and the power of letting go. The blonde man helping the other man from falling just shows how powerful their friendship was. Then they had a chance to connect with eachother. The bird symbolises the freedom of letting go. Heartbreaking but hopeful at the same time. Excellent.
I never watched this movie before.