Confusing doctors appointment



Oct 20, 2018
Hi all,

I’m just looking for some advice. I’ve just had a doctors appointment and it’s really knocked my self esteem. I went to talk about a smear test and going on the pill and while I was there I had to be weighed and measured. I got told that I was obese and could go to weight watchers free. I know that I’ve put on a bit of weight recently but that’s because I’ve actually started to eat again after a few months on anti depressants. I’m short ( 5ft1) and wear size small - medium clothes. I’ve always had a bit of a complex when it comes to my weight and when I’ve been particularly down/ stressed I’ve resorted to purging. A few weeks ago when my MH was bad, I purged and continued to do so for several days as a release. I was going to talk to my gp about this a few weeks ago as I was doing it as well as self harming. I was scared to as last time I told them I wasn’t listened to and it feels like they just don’t believe me. Any way fast forward to today and I was just left lfeeling completetly awful and criticising myself completely. I now can’t stop thinking about my weight and every time I do so I get really anxious and end up thinking about doing some of the bad things I did before


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Nov 11, 2013
GPs are horrible in my opinion. But its not their fault. They are overworked, have 7.5 minutes per patient and just cannot cope with anything which is not solvable by pills. So have a little bit of pity on them. You need to separate out all the different issues that you are dealing with. 1. smear test - get it done and nothing else. Very important. 2. The pill - simply ask for a prescription for it. Nothing more. 3. If you thing you need to lose some weight, address that on its own. WW is good, as is calorie reduction.

BUT - do not let the GP make you feel bad about yourself. Weight is a very complicated issue for women and not simply fixed by a statement "just lose weight". So be kind to yourself, and figure out the best way to address this if its important to you. Take care.