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Confused where to go next in terms of treatment



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Nov 24, 2009
For a while now I have been handling my bipolar disorder effectively.

However, during the past two years, I have been having a harder and harder time handling my emotions and anxiety levels. It has come to the point where I can not hold down a job and/or go to school anymore. I've lost most of my friends and have a pretty bad relationship with my family.

Intellectually, I know I should be doing these things, but whenever I get started, my stomach turns and I can't get out the door. I have a personality trait where if doing something makes me sick, I don't do it. I like to trust my body.

Work and school used to not make my stomach turn. Now they do (after years of stress). It's like my body is telling me that these activities are unhealthy. I have to do one or the other though, so I am considering getting back into treatment again.

I used to take a lot of medications, which was never a long term solution.

I also have attended outpatient programs for years which was a better solution than taking medication. However, I stopped going because I could not go to school/work and go to groups at the same time.

At this juncture I am considering going back into an outpatient program so that I can trick my body into thinking that my life is acceptable. I am also considering going on medication (like benzos) to help ease any stomach turning these activities create.

I used to be very against doing these sorts of things as I trusted my body when it came to these matters, but I don't know what else to do with my life other than go to school or work.

Are these good ideas? Taking anti-anxiety meds so I can trick myself into liking my life? Going into treatment and "taking a step backwards" (because I have already been in treatment) so I can see if it'll help?

Or is there a third option I haven't explored? I'm not excited about going back on meds like klonopin, nor am I excited about going back to groups (I think they will eat up too much time). I feel like I'm past all that, but also at the same time I have been falling apart daily.

I thank all who can help.
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Apr 4, 2008
Hi Brf4n and welcome to the forum. You have done well to cope with your bi polar. Try and see getting help as a positive step rather than a step backwards and good luck.

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