Confused - opinions needed



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Jan 29, 2019
Bolton, UK
Hey all, i'd like opinions on my problem if you'd be so kind. If this is posted in the wrong section, I apologise and feel free to move it.

I've suffered for 20years and the diagnosis has always been depression; i've always known it to be something else and whilst being under Lincolnshire (UK) and eventually South Manchester (UK) MH Teams they have passed me about a bit.....moving to Bolton (UK) I am finally getting somewhere - its taken that long to get a referral to a psychologist for goodness sake! Anyway, I strongly believe that it is BPD but I am worried about suggesting it to the psychologist even though he is probably ten steps ahead of me. Should I do it?

The final symptom appeared Sunday night (I know you don't need them all) when I found the back door unlocked and the loft/attic hatch ajar - I can't go near it myself due to a recurring ideation so ended up calling the police convinced someone was in the house. Random doors are unlocked and I have a obsession with making sure they are locked all the time...The police did their searches but determined it was me and suggested I speak to the GP......I've ordered an internal camera I am convinced someone is unlocking them!

The second peice of advice I'd like is whether I should request a change of psychologist because he's male and I just can't connect with other men. The GP / CMH Nurse are female and the emotions come freely with them - just worried as I can't let the emotions go with him and thinking it may not be beneficial for me to continue with him? Whats' your thoughts/experiences?


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Dec 17, 2018
California, US
I'll be honest. My experience is that I'm the worst judge of my own condition. I'm biased by it. I can't help but be biased. My depressive disorder and anxiety disorder affects how I think and what I fixate on. Knowing this, I do want someone with an MD after their name to make an impartial and professional evaluation based on my symptoms not based on my beliefs.

That said, it doesnt mean I can't advocate for myself, I can. It doesn't mean doctors can't be wrong, they can and have been. I've been living with depression for decades and I know after 4-6 weeks if a treatment isn't effective. I also know if a therapist and I do not click then I have to make a change, it has to come from me.
I can and have made complaints when I felt the health care I received was sub-par.

For me it's about being active in the care I'm receiving, meaning I want to be helped and I'm willing to do what's asked of me up until it's clearly not working. It means trusting the professionals who have the knowledge and have seen my disorders many times. I will not be a "google doctor" of myself or anyone so as to believe that 2 hours on the internet puts me on the same level.

I hope perspective helps you and I'm happy to share ideas about care with you.