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Confused- life has no meaning?



New member
Mar 30, 2010
I wouldn't consider myself personally depressed and im probably just being silly but it has just struck me that life has no meaning. We work hard to get money for what when we just end up dying after all the hard work so why nt just die now? Is there really any point to living? I am now thinking mre and more about commiting suicide and its begining to scare me. Am i just being silly, please hel me im confused.


Hello, & welcome to the site.

It may help to separate things out. What meaning does 'the system' have? The Western capitalistic, materialistic, monetary System have? Life isn't simply the social structures & social conformity in which we live. Hard as it may be - there are other ways of living.


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Hi welcome.

When i was at my worst i asked myself this question over and over for days on end. I just couldnt see the point. The nurses all told me that the purpose was to enjoy life. Whatever that meant to the individual.

When i got better i wrote down all the things that make me happy so i have it incase i get ill again. Watching my daughter doing a jigsaw and getting frustrated, walking on the beach, gettin into bed when im knackered.

I dont think it is all about born struggle die. I think maybe it is when we get in a rut that we start thinking like that.

I was depressed when i thot like that, maybe you are maybe you arnt. but if you are having suicidal thoughts i would speak to someone asap.



mean reds

you are suffering from a real illness and its terrible affects,
going to the doctor is advisable ,
please talk to some one you can trust, do not give up,
hope this forum helps you.

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