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confused and stressed by DWP correspondence



New member
Aug 28, 2014
[i hope this doesnt double post.. i posted it, but didnt show up, trying again]

i just got a letter stating:
We have looked at the facts and evidence used to make our decision including your mandatory reconsideration letter and the information you provided in a telephone call on *date removed*. This evidence has been taken into consideration, and the outcome of the decision has resulted in accepting that you have Limited Capability for work and Limited Capability for Work-related Activity.

You have been placed in the Work related Activity Group from *date removed*.
this confuses me. the uncertainty and possibility of being on no income again for a long time with no means to help myself... is an extremely stressful predicament. are they sadists? or are they simply psychos? or just ignorant?

why cant they just say it straight so i at least know where i am.

on one hand they say they accept my limited capability, and then on the other they mention "Work related Activity Group" (each word with a capitalised first letter of which is enough to send me into a tailspin).

having to use everything i've got to stop the panic attack knocking at the door, and to stop all these muscle spasms.

should i be comforted that after that they add:
What happens now

If you are owed any ESA because of my decision, this will be explained in a separate letter which you will receive from your paying office.

so... what does this letter mean? it seems to have contradicting messages... but then i dont speak bureaucrat. am i to be getting support from them? am i cut off? are they putting me in something that i'm simply not going to be able to do and thus cutting me off indirectly? what is "the Work related Activity Group"?

someone please tell me this is good news...

some other parts of the picture:
i have about 100 pound to last me until april next year, when my parents said they would be able to get me some money, and even if i am assured i wont starve or go cold, this money is not enough by any standard, not even for all the vitamins, herbal extract remedies, and other stuff i use to keep my organs working, keep myself out of pain from various conditions and keep my head above water [with regards to my mental health concerns].

:cry2: :low: :unsure: :scared:

no matter how often i tell them, they dont seem to appreciate that any correspondence from them is incredibly stressful for me, let alone when unclear and drags things out, daunting looming letters to come sometime in the future. ... not to mention how much worse things got after effectively being assaulted by some dismissive interogator who wouldnt listen to my answers and would write down whatever he wanted [or the horrendous stress (ripped a muscle from spasms during one bout of panic attacks) involved fighting that bs he wrote about me]. ... even being visited by nice people is usually enough to send me into a panic and need several hours of alone time of focussed recouperation. ... we're not allowed to swear here are we? ... i could so turn this screen blue right now from the exhasperation, not just at them and their antics, but at my whole condition and predicament... i used to be an outgoing extravert. :( ... anyway, i'm just waffling and wallowing now... time to hit "submit new thread" and go take nasty pharmaceuticals to calm down. :(

ps, found this forum in a duckduckgo search for that work related activity group line ( this link http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread86151.html ) so thought i'd sign up, and get a support group (or just somewhere for some cathartic release) since my condition severely inhibits my ability to get out there for face-to-face time with other people (which frankly has been making matters worse for me every time i tried to push myself out there). so... thanks for existing, oh great mentalhealthforum.net


Hi Digit and:welcome:

It sounds like you are in the WRAG group, stands for Work Related Activity Group, which means you have limited capability for work but are expected to work some time in the future, but are not yet fit for work and ready for Job Seekers Allowance.You will get benefits probably backdated from the time you put in the ESA 50 clam form, so they will probably write like they say and tell you what you will be getting in future and how much backdated payments they owe you.The thing about the WRAG group you have to turn up for interviews with your advisors and do some activity to prepare for when you will be able to go back to work, never been in WRAG so don't know exactly what it entails.Don't worry though other here have been on it and someone will come along and explain more fully.

I am well worried for you as the difficulties you are describing as having sounds like you should be in the support group.If you have had mandatory reconsideration, the next step is to appeal the decision and go to tribunal and ask to be put in the support group instead of WRAG.

I am posting the support group descriptors, no 12, definitely No 13 and possibly No 14 sound as if they definitely apply to you.This link is to another site for benefit advice and is the support group descriptors.They may not have realized you fit this descriptors, either you didn't stress it other than ticking a box when it came up on the ESA50 form, you need to tell them in detail in extra writing much like you have told us here, or they didn't award you this because they made it look like if you were ok to do a face to face medical with a stranger then you are ok to socialize.They can be ruthless,anyway you need to put them straight, so appeal.Most appeals are successful so try not to worry, but I do know how hard it is not to.Best of luck!NicolaX

Support group descriptors
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