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confused about my options caused by stress at work



New member
Mar 31, 2016
I started a new job 2 years ago, i wasnt told at the time that the company had been recently taken over and many changes were being made. I had 2 interviews and provided evidence of my skills, knowledge and experience which directly related to the position.
I have struggled with many issued during my employment and finally went off sick in January, i have been off work now for 2 months with work related stress (certified by doctor) after consultations with my doctor.
During my employment i have been made to feel like a 18 year old straight out of college and now feel that my previous work knowledge is of no use and i dont understand my workplace.
The trouble started only weeks after starting the job. I was in a meeting room with 12 people and was told that i didnt have a clue and didnt know what i was doing. I am overworked and in disucssion with my boss have been told that i am not good at time management. My work colleagues are generally nice people, but when i ask for help i am told that they dont know how to perform a task and cant help me.
The company has a high turn over of staff, there has been 5 site directors in the 2 years i have been there. There is a lack of training opportunities or career progression, and recently a colleague has been put on a very expensive training course with a project which is directly related to my role, but to which she has no knowledge or previous experience in. This has left me feeling as if i am only considered good enough for the menial tasks, not valued and depressed.
I also feel as if i have been bullyed to some degree and have sever doubts over future events at the company.
I dont feel that talking to my manager will work, i have discussed some issues with HR but havent got anywhere.
I have recently been received a conditional offer of employment, however due to the nature it will take several weeks to get clearance.
I only have 2 weeks left on my sick certificate and cannot face going back to work.
Any help, comment or suggestions greatly appreciated.


Active member
Mar 26, 2016
You can discuss it with your Dr and ask for an extension of your sick note. You can speak to your union rep, if you are not a member of one I would recommend it. You can also ask your HR department to talk you though constructive dismissal in writing stating why you think it may be relevant in your case including examples you have given. I have known people who have been through mediation for this and kept their jobs but they did end up leaving in the end as it caused bad feeling in the office


Well-known member
Feb 14, 2016
Birmingham UK
I find that many work places just don't understand mental health. My manager was well aware of my mental health issues and how much I struggled with my depression and my anxiety, but in the end, I guess in her eyes, work was more valuble than my health.

I was feeling very suicidal a few months ago, to the point where I booked myself an emergency appointment with my doctor because I was scared that I was really going to harm myself. My doctors appointment was at 7pm and I was supposed to start work at 11am and finish at 7pm. I called into work to tell them that I wouldn't be coming in and my manager started begging and pleading with me to come to work as she was 'short staffed'.

She wouldn't stop calling me that afternoon so in the end, I gave in and agreed on the condition that I can leave work at 6pm so that I can get to my appointment on time. When 6pm came along, my manager told me that I had to stay over to 7pm to help clean up the store. I started getting upset and I told her that I really needed to go, my manager told me that I was required to stay and that was all she said and being the push-over I am, I stayed behind.

I missed my appointment, my manager wouldn't even let me call my doctor to re-schedule so I ended up having a lecture from my doctor when I finally re-scheduled the following day. I'm sorry that my situation isn't really related to yours, but I haven't seen another work related thread on here and thought I'd share my views.