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Conditional Offer - Advice On Resigning!



Active member
Dec 15, 2017
London, UK
Hi All

Hope all is well.

I have been offered a new job with a new company. It's a conditional offer based on satisfactory DBS and references checks. Once all come back fine. I will be given a start and a copy of my contract.

I have been informed my new employer my references has come back fine. They are only waiting back for my DBS.

DBS can take time to come back. I have no concerns with my DBS as I know it will come back fine.

I completed it a few weeks ago. So still waiting for it come back. I know once it reaches 60 days. You can esclate it. Which usually takes 1 day to complete.

In my current role. I have to give one month's notice. A lot of people are leaving my team especially before Christmas. So I know management are having a hard time on tryin to get cover for it. I'm fairly certain they will try to get me to work Christmas especially as they won't want to come to cover it.

I was thinkin of handing in my notice next week to escape working Christmas.

I don't have a good working relationship with my management. So I don't feel obiliged to stick around and work Christmas for an employer who has messed me around a lot in the past.

Things are getting bad with my current employer. To the point, depression has stepped in.

One of my colleagues has advised me to hand in my notice before Christmas. Even though I don't have a start date and been offered a conditional offer. My colleague advised me to not worry about it as the only thing I wait for is the DBS which will come back fine. They advise me to resign. Enjoy Christmas and New Year with my family. To enquire about DBS if it comes to 60 days.

Should I take the risk or do I wait?


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2013
just quit and enjoy the holiday.