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Compulsive lying along with Bulimia



New member
Apr 13, 2015
Hi There.

I just joined this forum because...well, Im finally facing a lot in regards to my mental health and I feel I need the extra support as Im very confused.

In fifth grade I was diagnosed with depression. A lot had happened in life, three grandparents died within about a year and half and there was a lot of stress at home which caused some compulsive eating problems, leading to teasing.

In tenth grade I developed bulimia. This Bulimia came with self harming, suicidal thoughts and other issues. But amongst all this, I compulsively lied. I lied about everything from what my birthdate was to if I had a brother or not.

I am far from a recovered Bulimic. Though I don't purge anymore I do lots of crash dieting and exercising and even have used other methods in desperation. The compulsive lying has come with it. So my question is if anyone else has had this experience with their eating disorder. What have you felt has worked to support yourself in this endeavour? I so badly want this change. My boyfriend and I are recently taking a break because he can't stand it. He is aware of my body image problems but doesn't understand or see how bad it is behind closed doors. However, I want this change because Im tired of living in fear that I will be "found out" and with a young daughter, I can't afford to pass this sickness onto her.

I know Im a good person, I care a lot about people and until recently I had no idea that my lying was hurting my boyfriend or those around me. I thought I was just inflicting upon myself. So please, share with me or even just a kind word would really help me out.
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Well-known member
Apr 10, 2015
Hi :)

:welcome:to the forum

At least you're not blind to these things and are aware and you are taking the initial steps to change, thats good! looks like you do care a lot too. and don't be hard on yourself regarding your boyfriend...having a break and taking a step back to have a clear perspective can be a good thing and help everyone involved. goodluck to you also:hug1:
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