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Complete meltdown



New member
Mar 7, 2019
This morning my 4 year old daughter really threw a fit getting ready for school today and I lost it. I had a complete meltdown crying, sobbing and wanting to hurt myself and strong suicidal thoughts. Now that it's over I feel so ashamed and broken, I worry that I'm a horrible father and am going to screw up my kids because of my mental illness.


Well-known member
Feb 10, 2019
New york
Wow. That is such a difficult situation... dealing with mental illness and raising a child at the same time is not at all easy.

I wish I had more to say. I don’t have kids, but my sister does—she once had a depressive “episode” that lasted about a year. She is diagnosed with bipolar. She wouldn’t leave the house, could barely take care of herself. Her partner even cheated on her during this time.

Eventually, somehow, she pulled through and decided it was the kids over everything else, and she often struggles internally but keeps it together for the kids. I do not know how, and I am afraid of having children.

I wish I had more to say... you are stronger than you know.