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community support help



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Nov 11, 2014
I am trying to get help through this forum to start up a forum within my Union. I am a community support worker for disabled, mentally ill and handicapped adults. I have some participants that have some tough days and in turn the workers Sometimes have frustrating moments. I love the people i work for and with and of course I would never want to lose my temper. But we are all human and unfortunately it can happen.

I work with people that have autism, OCD, FAS, down syndrome and/Or mental illness. I have created relationship with the folks that i work with over the 3 years i have worked at my company and I love them all.

That being said i do have some tough days. Just as my folks have some days where they have some difficult moments. Some of them(the lesser functioning) bite, kick, self abuse, defecate themselves and so on. The thing that i am wanting help with is the days that I nor my participant have the ability to cope with the circumstances.

I try to be understanding and comforting but when i am having a terrible day i have hard time responding with great advice or actions.

As a community support worker I am seeking advice on how to delicately approach subjects with patience and kindness when i feel like I don't have enough for my own life.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I'm not entirely sure if this is the right section to post this in.
It may be that the Carer's sub-forum would attract someone who may be able to offer more help.
I'm sorry I can't give you any good advice, this isn't an area that I know much about.
You are obviously a really valuable worker to have though, particularly as you're seeking to better yourself/your approach to work.


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Jan 25, 2012
:welcome: courtneyz88, good to have you here.

It sounds a good idea to have a forum for the people in your Union doing this type of work, to share experiences and gain support, if I have understood you correctly. Would a private, closed Facebook group work, I don't know (I don't know much about Facebook)? I'm afraid I don't know much about setting up forums, but I know there are systems available for free that you can use, I suppose it depends how large and how comprehensive you want it to be. Have you approached the Union about this, maybe they have some sort of media/techy person who could advise?

All the best with your plan, as Somerset says, it sounds like you do valuable work, and have an admirable desire to do the best job you can. And by all means, use this forum to thrash things out and ask for advice and support if you would like to.

Alice x
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