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Coming of Medication



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Nov 24, 2008
our group recently we had a small discussion about coming off medication. Often people get so frustrated with the side effects that they stop taking the medication outright. This in itself can lead to negative symptoms as the body struggles to correct the dopamine levels and other areas that have been effected by long term medication.

It is important that any reduction in medication be done correctly.

Here are a few sites I found that had some great information on the subject
This site has good comprehensive information on medications, side effects and how to deal with withdrawal, it also lists personal stories.

On this Mind Site,
They list books etc you can get on the subject. As well as a non printable PDF you can view called Coping with coming off.

They also have their own brochure that can be read on the topic It outlines telling the difference between withdrawal and relapse.

The FREEDOM CENTER have also published a guide to coming of Psychiatric drugs, which can be downloaded free here from their site

It is important all voice hearers are fully informed about all aspects of voice hearing and all aspects of their treatments. So we can make educated decisions towards recovery.




It's good that you posted this for many people just stop taking medication of any kind abruptly which can lead to very serious withdrawl physically and mentally.

It is important that doctors inform all patients of this fact, but patients have to look out for themselves and ask as much information about any medications they're taking and also disclose all medications they take from other doctors as well as over the counter and vitamin supplements and natural remedies.

It's also important to ask if the medication you may take could interfere with any health condition you may have or cause any health condition.

It's good to write all this kind of stuff down.